RapidVent exhaust fan vent for any roofing type

A timesaving universal exhaust fan vent in one piece making it easy to install, sturdy and leak proof.  We call it RapidVent because it helps clear spaces of fumes and odours but if you call it Rapid Vent it still makes installation of exhaust fan vents easy and versatile. 

Aztec RapidVent Quickseal Product

RapidVent Quickseal Product

Experience the ease: RapidVent Quickseal makes installation a breeze

After extensive research and development for almost 2 years, we have come up with a solution for all your ventilation needs – RapidVent Quickseal.


A roof vent is a crucial component of a building’s ventilation system designed to improve air circulation and reduce moisture buildup in the attic or roof space. It serves multiple purposes, including regulating temperature, preventing condensation, and removing stale air, odors, and pollutants from the building.

Roof vents play a vital role in maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient indoor environment by promoting proper airflow and ventilation in the attic or roof space.

As per the Building Code of Australia Volume 2, 2008 and National Code of Construction Amendment 2-part 3.8.5, 2019, all the homes/apartments/hotels require that a toilet/bath/shower/laundry room should be adequately ventilated to reduce or eliminate odor and condensation.

Aztec Australasia brings you a quick and easy solution, RapidVent Quickseal.

RapidVent Quickseal comes with the following features which makes it one of the most efficient and innovative roof vents.

RapidVent Quickseal is part of the
Aztec Range of Sub Brands.

RapidVent Quickseal

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Key Features of AZTRV150B:

Aztec RapidVent Quickseal 150mm Black

          √       Quick 4 Step Installation

          √       One piece fit suits both applications: metal and tiled roofs

          √       Sturdy and leak-proof

          √       Non-combustible

          √       UV Rated

Get your ventilation needs fulfilled by RapidVent Quickseal!!

Design and Construction: RapidVent Quickseal comes with an aesthetic design which is different from anything available in the market. It is made from an incombustible material which makes it suitable for use in Fire prone areas.

Functionality: With an innovative feature to prevent water from getting inside the vent cavity, even in the harshest weather conditions, RapidVent Quickseal provides a leak-proof and sturdy solution.

Installation and Maintenance: The one-piece fit makes it easier to install and the screw-on cap makes it easy to maintain in case of any issues.