Pro Flash Rolls

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Aztec ProFlash® Flexi Roll is a more versatile roof solution than the traditional lead flashings that was originally developed as an alternative for lead tile flashings. Unlike lead flashings, it suits almost any roof materials or profiles including metal, tile, fibreglass, polycarbonate etc. 

ProFlash® Flexi Roll membrane material contains an innovative polymer made of advanced isobutylene EPDM embedded with aluminium mesh. The ProFlash® Flexi Roll base material has the same malleability as the lead; however, it offers many more benefits.

The base material of ProFlash® Flexi Roll complies with AS/NZS 2904:1995 Dampproof courses and flashings. The ProFlash® Flexi Roll exhibits great weathering and UV resistance thereby guarantees long-term performance for outdoor applications.
When ProFlash® Flexi Roll is installed by a qualified tradesperson, it will form a water-tight seal on your roof that will be long lasting and complete the required seal from any water leakage.

The product comes in Rolls of 5 mtrs and has three different widths, 280mm, 370mm and 560mm