BAL Flash

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BAL Flash – a layer of protection especially for buildings in high fire danger zones

Our proprietary fire retardant kit designed and crafted to resist threats of embers,
radiant heat and direct flames. Safer buildings and property could in turn save lives. It
is not unimaginable to say that economic, property and insurance risks can also be
mitigated. Achieves and meets required A/s 1530/ std. Complies with CSIRO.


Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a means of measuring the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. It’s measured in increments of radiant heat (expressed in kilowatts/m2).

Kit Breakdown

Our BAL Flash Kits consist of the following:

    1.   ProFlash – An aluminium mesh sandwiched between two layers of rubber, with an adhesive back. These are pre-cut ProFlash sheets suited to the various pipe sizes for fast and easy installation.
    2.   SS Mesh – This is a specially designed flexible SS mesh, pre-cut to various pipe sizes.
    3.   ProFlash Strip – A 25mm wide Pro-Flash strip to provide extra protection and adhere the mesh and Pro-Flash to the flue.
    4.   BAL Flash Flashing – This flashing is made from a mix of polymers with a fire retardant. The R&D team at Aztec made this formula after years of research.
    5.   Heat treated screws – We provide the screws in the kit to screw in all the parts along the aluminium edge of the Flashing.

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