Q. What is the highest temperature a Master Flash® pipe flashing will handle?

A. All EPDM Master Flash pipe flashings will have a high temperature resistance of 135°C intermittently. A silicone red compound is also available and this product has a high resistance of 260°C intermittently.

Q. What is the largest pipe diameter a Master Flash® product can flash?

A. Master Flash products will flash to a diameter of 724mm.

Q. Does the Master Flash® range come in colours other than Black, Grey and Silicone Red?

A. Yes the Master Flash range of products are available in BHP Colours on request.

Q. Is there a product that can flash a Square Pipe?

A. Yes, our Master Flash Square Vent Range is available and will suit penetrations from 20mm – 125mm.

Q. What type of sealant should be used on the Master Flash® flashings?

A. A good quality roof & gutter silicone sealant should always be used when installing a Master Flash pipe flashing for metal roofs.

Q. What type of screws should be used to fasten the flashings?

A. The use of a self drilling screw or pop rivet (sealed) is recommended at all times.

Q. What is the life expectancy of the Master Flash® flashings?

A. All Master Flash products carry a 25 year warranty. We also have a Master Flash ICC Range of products that carry a 35 year warranty.

Q. What is the maximum roof pitch that the flashings can be used for?

A. Most of our products are designed to cater to a roof pitch of 450. If more is required then our Master Flash Extreme Angle range is designed with a built in 400 pitch and therefore can handle a roof pitch from 350 – 650.