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Slide over or wrap around Multi-Flash® is available in 2 compounds to handle virtually all job applications.

Weather Protection

Made of EPDM or Silicone, these flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light.

Easy on-site Customizing

Smooth cut is intended to eliminate use of razor blades. One piece stainless steel gripper to secure a retro custom fit.

Fire Retarding Agents

The addition of fire retarding agents milled directly into the rubber compound creates a self extinguishing feature which enables it to be used with type “B” vents. Listed with IAPMO certification No.3121.

Product Information:

Black EPDM
Product Code: MFMF4B
Product Code: MFMF4G
Product Code: MFMF4S