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Roof Flashing System “Stretch & Seal”


• Box Gutter

• Transition Walls

• Parapet Walls

• Stepped Roofs

• Corrugated Metal Roofs

• Roof Penetrations


• 225mm (9”) wide EPDM linear flashing 1mm (.059”) thick

• EPDM Rubber encapsulated expandable metal sides

• Made of Grey Ozone Resistant EPDM

What is a Box Gutter Expansion Joint?

Metal, just like timber, also expands in hot weather and contracts in the cool. Most box gutters are joined with silicone and Screws / rivets and over time they will break down and possibly separate due to the movement of the metal, compromising your box gutter joints. Box Gutter Expansion Joint from Aztec are placed over the two Box Gutter Joints. They are designed to expand and contract with at the box gutter Joints without allowing cracks or leaks.

Aztec Box Gutter Expansion Joints are made from our signature durable rubber EPDM with soft aluminum strips for fixing onto box gutters. Our products are designed to last, but don’t just take our word for it! We’re so confident in our Box Gutter Expansion Joints that we offer a 25-year warranty.

They come in a stock-standard 225ml width with lengths varying from 1, 3 to 10 meters. They also have a flat profile, meaning water will flow over it rather than pooling. On top of this, our Box Gutter Expansion Joints can be painted with regular acrylic paint.

Our “Stretch and Seal” Box Gutter Expansion Joint system is also ideal for use on transition walls, stepped roofs, roof penetrations, parapet walls and corrugated metal roofs.

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