Aztec’s pipe flashing meets all roofing needs through flexible design


What is a Pipe Flashing?

Pipe flashings from Aztec are made up of an EPDM or silicone rubber cone with a soft aluminum base to seal pipes onto most roofing profiles. Pipe penetrations and plumbing vents for rooftop ventilation must be flashed by the installer, with the cone-shaped rubber cut and stretched to fit the required pipe installation.

Pipe Flashing for Metal Roof

Constantly exposed to the elements, a poor quality pipe flashing is hard to maintain and will not stand the test of time. However, Aztec designs and manufactures quality pipe flashings that are trouble free, including a 25 year warranty on all Aztec Master Flash products. So if you need metal roof flashings, Aztec is the sure choice.

With a flexible design, our metal roof pipe flashing meets virtually all roofing needs. Made of EPDM or Silicone, our flashings are designed specifically with maximum resistance to weathering from ozone and ultraviolet light. With our one-piece construction, on-site installation is easy – it only takes five minutes! The sleeve flexibility accommodates for things like pipe movement and vibration caused by expansion and contraction in hot and cold conditions. It is held in place by our soft aluminum base which effortlessly conforms to roof panels with the assistance of Silicone and screws / rivets.

Introducing Aztec Master Flash®

We call this the Master Flash® – using Aztec technology, we created a new engineering standard in pipe flashing to suit a whole range of different roofing profiles.

The Aztec Master Flash® comes in 12 different sizes, ranging from MINI (3.2mm – 19.1mm) all the way through to MAXI (305mm-724mm). No matter the pipe, no matter the roof, you can easily rely on Aztec’s exceptional range of premium products and services. The Master Flash® comes in different varieties suited to metal roofs, tiled roofs and solar. It is also available in a range of colours to suit any aesthetic, including light green, dark blue, black, brown and terra cotta.

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