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Master Flash


With Aztec’s signature flexible design, Master Flash® will meet virtually all your roof flashing needs – metal and tiled rooves, solar, heating, sealing electrical fans – we have you covered.

Made of EPDM or silicone, Master Flash is specifically designed to resist weathering from UV rays and ozone. With a one-piece construction, installing Master Flash® could not be easier.

Aztec’s Master Flash® range is designed by our team of engineers and manufactured under strict guidelines for quality and high performance – so it stands the test of time.  We’re so confident in our products that we offer a 25-year satisfaction guarantee on all installations. 

Rubber Boot Roof Flash

MasterFlash is part of the
Aztec Range of Sub Brands. 

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Metal Roof Master Flash Range

Easy Install & Weather Resistant

The Metal Roof Master Flash® range is made from weather resistant EPDM compound or high-temperature silicone. The aluminium insert for fastening to the metal roof makes it an easy installation for most metal roof profiles. The Roof Pipe Flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering from ozone and ultraviolet light.

Master Flash Tile Range:

Malleable for any Installation

The Master Flash® Tile Flash range has been specifically designed for applications for roof penetrations on tiled roofs. Aztec Flashings options for tiled roofs are lead and aluminium based and are designed to suit most tiled roof profiles. 

Our lead-based products are far more malleable for tiled roofs with increased profile obstructions. The rubber roof boot is bonded to the material base and is made of EPDM rubber. For hotter applications, such as a wood heater installation, a silicone compound is advised as it will take temperatures to 250 degrees celsius.

Features include:

  • One-piece Construction – allows for easy on-site installation
  • Base Flexibility. The base Is designed to form a seal on most roof profiles and roof pitches regardless of pipe location
  • Perfectly designed to ensure a watertight seal
  • From the smallest to the largest pipe range available
  • Pipe diameters can be seen clearly for a proper pipe fit
  • Ozone and UV protection
  • Solutions up to a 1m penetration
  • Temperatures can be as hot as 250 degrees celsius – covering most applications.


The Aztec Master Flash® product range has two types of applications – Metal and Tiled roof penetrations.

Other applications include:

  • Solar – we also have a range available for the solar industry specifically designed for safe installation of cabling.
  • Heating – we have specifically designed roof flashings for the heating industry which will slide over your standard heating flue ensuring a tight water seal. 

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