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Master Flash

Flashing Roof

In a broad sense, pipe roof flashing (or rubber boot flashing) is the process of installing thin pieces of impervious material that prevent water from entering a structure from a joint. In this case, roof penetration flashing is used to waterproof pipes and any other roof protrusions.

Rubber Roof Flashings

Our Aztec range of rubber roof flashings, known as the Master Flash®, are made from weather-resistant EPDM or silicone rubber with an aluminum base which can be sealed onto most roof panel configurations. Once flashed by an installer, the cone-shaped rubber must be cut and stretched to fit the pipe.

Pipe Flashing Collar

One of the most important design elements for pipe flashings is their durability; constantly exposed to the elements, poor quality pipe flashings will be hard to maintain and will inevitably breakdown.

Master Flash® – Premium Pipe Flashing Collar

Aztec’s Master Flash® range is designed and manufactured by our team of in-house engineers. With our 40 years’ experience, our roof flashing products will stand the test of time with years of service and enduring high performance. We’re so confident in our products that we offer a 25-year satisfaction guarantee on all installations.With our signature flexible design, Master Flash® will meet virtually all of your roof flashing needs. Made of EPDM or silicone, it’s specifically designed to resist weathering from UV rays and ozone. With a one-piece construction, installing Master Flash® could never be easier – it only takes five minutes!

Roof Boot

The flexibility of our rubber roof boot will accommodate for pipe movement through expansion and contraction through different weather cycles. The whole package is held in place by a quality aluminum base which easily conforms to the panels of your roof.If you need a roof flashing, the Aztec Master Flash® is the sure choice. Using our patented Aztec technology, we have created a new engineering standard in pipe flashing for profiled roofing.The Master Flash® comes 12 different sizes, from MINI (3.2mm – 19.1mm) to MAXI (305mm – 724mm), ensuring there’s a flashing for each and every one of your pipes – no matter the width, no matter the roof. Rely on Aztec’s Master Flash® range, suited to tiled roofs, metal roofs and even solar panels! To suit the style of every home, we’ve made it available in a variety of colours including green, light/dark blue, black, brown and the exotic terra cotta.To hear more about the Aztec Master Flash® from our experienced professionals, call (03) 9768 2394 today!