Aztec Aussie Connectors

Aussie Connectors


Aussie Connectors are designed for drain waste, as well as other low-pressure applications above and below the ground. Aussie Connectors allow for flexible pipe connections and are perfect to repair broken drainage pipes, rather than replace a length of existing PVC pipe.

Features & Benefits
At Aztec, we use a flexible compound which allows us to maintain a seal with normal earth movement. Our range of flexible pipe connectors are made from an EPVC compound and utilizes our very own brand of Stainless-Steel Clips.

The Aussie Connector range can adapt to imperfect pipe alignment, making them ideal for repair scenarios and rectifying previous bad workmanship. 

Our ASNZS 4329 – 1995 certified Aussie Connectors come in a variety of sizes for pipes ranging from 32mm to 300mm.
Our rubber is suited to numerous pipe materials, designed to stand the test of time. We’re so sure about the durability of our Aussie Connectors that we offer a 20-year warranty.


Flexible Pipe Connectors

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Aztec Shielded Couplings

Shielded Couplings

Easy Install & Weather Resistant

The Aussie Connector range also has available a range of Shielded Couplings designed for robust Aussie conditions.

The Shear banded stainless steel around couplings supports the middle section of the coupling, allowing the pipes to stay aligned and ensure minimal pipe displacement in tough conditions, maintaining a smooth join even when you have movements in the ground.

The Aztec Shielded Coupling range has a full stainless steel clamp to support both ends of the pipe under heavier conditions when the application has larger PVC Diameter pipes.

Quality Control

At Aztec, we control each phase of the manufacturing process. From the purchase of raw materials to the finishing product. Aztec’s quality control team is there every step of the way to oversee the entire operation.

With years of experience, our tooling capabilities allow us to offer customers an incredible variety of choices when it comes to our complete range of Aussie Connectors and Shielded Couplings. 

Aztec Coupling Diagram


Installing Aztec Aussie Connectors is easy, simply slide the couplings over the pipes into position and tighten the two clamp bands to the recommended torque with a screwdriver. This allows for permanent watertight seal and takes seconds to install and requires no further maintenance.

Aztec Shielded Couplings are designed for robust Aussie conditions and are ideal for the connection or the repair of pipes on sewer and drainage lines. 

Aztec EPDM shielded couplings installation