About Aztec Plumbing Supplies

Aussie Connectors

Aussie Connectors are designed for drain waste as well as other low-pressure applications both above and below the ground. At Aztec, we use a flexible compound which allows us to maintain a seal with normal earth movement. Our range of flexible pipe connectors are made from an EPVC compound and utilizes our very own brand of Stainless Steel Clips.

Flexible Pipe Connectors

Our ASNZS 4329 – 1995 certified Aussie Connectors come in a variety of sizes for pipes ranging from 32mm to 150mm. Our rubber is suited to numerous pipe materials, designed to stand the test of time. Don’t believe us? We’re so sure about the durability of our Aussie Connectors that we offer a 20-year warranty.

Flexible Rubber Coupling

At Aztec, we control each and every phase of the manufacturing process. From the purchase of raw materials to the finishing product, Aztec professionals are there every step of the way to oversee the entire operation. With over 40 years’ experience, our tooling capabilities allow us to offer customers an incredibly variety of choices when it comes to virtually any need in roof flashings, pipe, sealing washer and plugs.

We’re the leading international manufacturer of custom washers and roof flashing products – so if you need a flexible rubber coupling for your pipes, don’t hesitate to call Aztec on (03) 9768 2394.